Green Star Arundinacea

    Realizziamo su richiesta miscugli di sementi conciate con microrganismi
    simbionti quali micorrize e batteri della rizosfera.
  • VERDE urbano
    Principi di lotta biologia e naturale:
    programmi di difesa biologica del verde urbano
  • Gestione biologica del tappeto erboso
    Programmi per tappeti erbosi Comagricola
    Per una gestione professionale ed ambientalmente sostenibile del tuo tappeto erboso

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Comagricola Green Europe is an italian company which for more than forty years has been working with passion and professionalism to seek and sale the best products for lawn and for the maintenance of the green giving to the customers mixes and fertilizers suitable for all kind of lands. We offer high-quality products and the best maintenance advices.


We have qualified personnel with specific competences who work in the Research, Assistance and Advice fields with regard to the maintenance of the green by the use of biological techniques and the limitation of chemical actions


Thanks to the researches plans and to the distribution of the products, Comagricola Green Europe supports the organic plant protection as a good alternative to the methods of defense based only on the chemistry and highly harmful to human life and the environment.


Thanks to the most advanced knowledge of plant's physiology, we have innovative and original products for feeding and defense, based on microorganisms or plant extracts, and for prevention and treatment of the diseases of the plants.