Protocol for the creation of flower meadows

Flower meadows

The essences are collected for the most part in natural sites and production fields scattered from the Alps to the Mediterranean.
The wild and floral species of these mixtures will allow the creation of a sustainable natural environment, cheerful and changing with the seasons, thanks to a flowering rich in colour distributed throughout the vegetative period.

Seed storage conditions

The seeds must be stored in a cool, dry place, away from light and rodents. Kept in these conditions, the quality of the blends will not be altered.

False seeding techniques

  • Make final preparations on the soil for sowing.
  • Allow germinating, facilitating the germination or the vegetative restart of the weeds by watering
  • Wait for 3 to 6 weeks
  • Perform weeding and wait 8 days
  • Sow if possible without touching up the soil and roll

Recommended seeding period

the indicated ranges must be adapted according to the regions.
March 15 – April 30 (but if you can irrigate, the period can extend until the end of June)

from 15 August to the end of October (to be modified depending on the region)

Soil preparation

  • Work on the clean ground or perform weeding
  • Wait about a week
  • Prepare the soil to a depth of between 5 cm and 10 cm
  • Till the soil
  • If there is concern about the appearance of weeds, the practice of false sowing is recommended.


  • Distribute regularly over the entire surface at the recommended sowing rate in 2 crossed steps
  • Given the low quantity of seeds, we recommend the distribution with neutral support (sand, soil, etc.)
  • Rake lightly on the surface and roll to ensure contact between the soil and seeds
  • To facilitate germination, water lightly (about 5 mm per day, just to wet the soil and maintain surface humidity) until birth


  • Allowing the essences to develop naturally, allowing it to produce new seeds
  • You should mow in the summer as soon as the lawn is not ideal
  • In case of significant development of the vegetation, a second cut can be made at the beginning or the end of winter, before withering


For spring sowing containing perennials, you should wait one year to obtain the optimal yield of the applied flower meadow mixture.

For an autumn sowing, you will get a rich flowering the following spring.