About us

Our company

Comagricola Green Europe Srl is a company based in northern Italy and has been producing and marketing specific materials for the care and construction of sports and residential turf for over 40 years.

The study, innovation and product quality decree its success, obtained through the interaction of three parallel and exclusive proposals:

  • The historical production of specific seed blends of the highest quality standard
  • A new line of professional granular and liquid fertilisers, based on solid agronomic foundations
  • The development and sharing of an innovative protocol for biological and integrated control of potential pathogens, with the use of techniques and products that are unique in terms of effectiveness and environmental compatibility.


Promote the development of environmental sustainability by offering the certainty of the used products’ safety to those who work every day to build their entrepreneurial reality.

Understanding and listening to our customers’ needs by providing them with all our experience for a more effective resolution of the problem with professionalism and promptness through highly specialised services.

Disseminate and promote agronomic techniques through the use of biologically derived products to eliminate or strongly limit chemical interventions.


The values of environmental sustainability

Comagricola’s corporate philosophy has been studied and refined over the years by its management and is expressed through values shared by the entire team.

Daily business always confronts us with new challenges that are faced in compliance with our corporate values.

At Comagricola we like to say that: “We adopt an ethical approach based on the professionalism of our staff and a transparent relationship with the needs of our customers in full compliance with environmental sustainability”.

Respect for the environment

Work also means respect for the environment. Since 2012 Comagricola has been one of the first companies in Italy to have successfully applied defence protocols for turf based entirely on the use of biologically derived products.

History and ethics

An entrepreneurial history of over 45 years was born in Comagricola thanks to rigorous ethics devoted to respecting the person and passion for one’s work.

In Comagricola, no matter whether small or large, everyone is followed with personalised services tailored to their needs.

Comagricola is committed to the enhancement of talents through a training programme for the integration of young people into the world of work.


Comagricola Green Europe’s commitment is aimed at identifying products and solutions, to offer customers high-quality and best-consulting services for the management and care of lawns for ornamental and sports use.

The consultancy is addressed to gardeners, municipal administrations, sports clubs for the design and management of parks, gardens and playgrounds.

Our team, thanks to a know-how acquired over decades of field studies and practice, deals with all the agronomic aspects related to the management of the turf, providing guidelines and management plans for proper ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, according to the principles of environmental sustainability.

We carry out inspections, consultancy, appraisals wherever there is a lawn, in Italy and abroad.


Founded in 1977, Comagricola Green Europe initially distinguished itself as an important company in the horticultural sector and, thanks to the consolidation of commercial relationships with the most authoritative German and Dutch producers, it soon took on an important role in the marketing of plants from northern Europe. Over the years, the company diversified its business into other sectors of the gardening sector, to the point of identifying its core business in the production of turf mixes and the sale of products for the care and maintenance of greenery. Since the 1980s, Comagricola Green Europe has been collaborating with DLF-TRIFOLIUM, a Danish company that is the undisputed leader in the European and world market in the production of seeds.

In 2004, the collaboration of Comagricola with LEBANON SEABORD CORPORATION, an American company at the forefront of research and production of slow-release fertilisers, allows the company to acquire an important collaboration in the fertiliser market.

In 2008, the experimentation of new turf mixes began in the laboratories of its headquarters, with the collaboration of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Milan.

In 2014 the property acquired a stake in BIOCONSULT SRL, a company that boasts specific skills in the field of integrated biological pest management and is an authorised distributor of useful insects and organic products.

In 2017 Comagricola becomes part of the capital TURF-ON SRL, a new co engaged in the development of professional fertilisers for turf.

Our production system

The production department is made up of a highly automated and constantly evolving production line to obtain the maximum quality performance.
Comagricola Green Europe mainly adopts a Make To Order approach where it gives the highest priority in the production process.