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GREEN EUROPE Comagricola
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Quality blends and consideration
of local biodiversity
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Hydroseeding The optimal solution
for grassing in difficult soils



Innovative and original products, derived from the most advanced knowledge of plant physiology. Products for nutrition and defence, based on microorganisms or plant extracts, for the prevention and treatment of plant diseases and deficiencies.


Through research programmes and the distribution of products, Comagricola promotes biological control as a valid alternative to defence methods based exclusively on chemistry.


Professionals with specific skills who work in research, assistance and technical consultancy in the field of green management through biological techniques and rationalisation of interventions.



Green Europe Comagricola is one of the most respected brands in the Italian seed sector, with over 45 years of experience and knowledge of turf.
Our mixtures are monitored and controlled by specialised technicians who subject the material to laboratory analysis, guaranteeing the quality and traceability of our seeds.

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sementi tappeto erboso


Professional fertilisers for turf, lawns, golf courses, green areas. Products designed to return a guaranteed result throughout the year.

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Organic line

We are committed to spreading a correct culture of green through clean technical means, severely limiting defence methods based exclusively on chemistry.

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Flowery meadow

Design, production of quality blends and consideration of local biodiversity allow us to work out the optimal development of flower essences on your site.

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Aware of the importance of hydroseeding grassing, we have chosen the best materials available, to propose and guarantee a quality result at the lowest possible cost.

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Our production is carried out through a highly automated single-machine process that follows the obligatory cycle of mixing, enrichment, weighing, bagging, sewing and packaging.


To provide a fast and punctual service, Comagricola Green Europe gives absolute priority to customer orders.
During the low season, the production process is concentrated on restoring stocks in the warehouse.


The different types of carpet seeds are placed on the ground intermittently, depending on the essences used, to obtain a pre-mixing.
The finished product packages are then stored in the warehouse ready for delivery or to be subsequently sold.

40 years of history
dedicated to turf

Founded in 1977, it initially distinguished itself as an important company in the horticultural sector, soon assuming an important role in the marketing of plants from northern Europe. Over the years, the company has diversified its business into other sectors of the gardening sector, to the point of identifying its core business in the production of turf mixes and the sale of products for the care and maintenance of greenery.
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