Flowery meadow

Technique and aesthetics

Protecting the environment, recovering degraded or damaged sites and improving the quality of life has been part of our DNA and the know-how of GREEN EUROPE COMAGRICOLA for many years.
Design, production of quality blends and consideration of local biodiversity allow us to work out the optimal development of essences on your site.
Qualified people always at your disposal will provide you with reliable advice on the blends suited to your needs.

Our blends are composed solely of certified flower essences


If you plan to sit back and let Mother Nature take its course, then these are the wildflower mixes for you. Ideal for large extensions.

Festival campestre


If you are looking for an ornamental alternative for your garden, you can choose from our selections of flowering meadows composed of essences that create a unique and wonderful show all year round.


Designing and embellishing totally different environments with flower essences requires study and expertise. Our proposals for special mixtures will make it easier for you to choose.

prato fiorito  Rocaille


Promoting biodiversity by creating a floral environment suitable for repopulation is one of our goals. Bees, butterflies and many other insects will find sustenance during their life cycle thanks to our mixtures.

Melange mellifere 2

Protocol for the creation of flower meadows

By following the rules and techniques to properly build and preserve your flowery meadow, you can create a sustainable, cheerful and changing natural environment with the seasons.