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  •  Immediate effectiveness
  • Long-lasting effect
  • “No Weeds” philosophy
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With DUO we have developed a titration suitable to work even at low temperatures: the generous nitric fraction of the nitrogen supply is rapidly solubilised, making it immediately available for radical assimilation even in extreme conditions. Our turf will therefore be able to enjoy the right nutritional intake from the first timid phases of vegetative awakening gradually, favouring the climatic improvements of the period.

This turns into a decisive greening and fast closing of the mantle, counteracting the future development of weeds, unable to find a useful space in the thick of the lawn. The absence of phosphorus, which is not essential in this phase where weeds could benefit from their rooting, makes DUO the true fertiliser with the “no-Weeds” philosophy.

The important percentage of methylenurea determines its prolonged effect, while the surprising ratio between nitrogen and potassium (the latter entirely from potassium nitrate) guarantees its qualitative excellence from a nutritional point of view.

If used in the last phases of the year (October-December), DUO facilitates the correct entry into the semi-dormancy phase, helping the creation of reserves inside the plant and strengthening the cells in anticipation of negative winter thermal and water peaks, thanks to the generous potassium intake.

30g/m2 60-70 days February-March and October-November

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