Professional fertiliser for turf

  • Defends against thermal and water stress
  • High contribution in potassium
  • Slow-release nitrogen only
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In the periods immediately preceding the most critical climatic phases, characterized by high values in evapotranspiration or extreme thermal peaks (meaning also the winter ones, close to zero), the distribution of a “high potassium” fertiliser helps the plant to defend itself from the risk of withering, thus keeping active all the metabolic processes essential for one’s survival.

By conditioning the water potential, the potassium ion is directly involved in the regulation of the opening of the stomatal rhyme and in the same way guarantees the right turgor to the vacuoles and therefore to the plant cell. At the correct doses, the best ally for a healthy plant ready to counteract any adversity.

Another of the characteristics that make THERMO the ideal fertiliser for the summer months is represented by the limited supply of nitrogen; this, present exclusively in methylenureic form with a “slow-release”, will satisfy the reduced needs of our turf (slowed in its metabolism by temperatures), but certainly will not support the voracity of annual weeds typical of the period. A philosophy also extended to phosphorus, absent here: by totally excluding it, we avoid facilitating the rooting of weeds that may already be present or have reached the ground in the form of seeds.

30g/m2 60-70 days June-July and December

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