Professional fertiliser for turf

  • Rooting boost
  • Nitrogen calibrated for correct post-germination growth
  • Suitable for all seeds and sowing
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Ternary fertiliser designed specifically to meet particular needs in the sowing and post-sowing phases, both on bare ground and in overseeding of the existing mantle.

To a high content of phosphorus, an element notoriously facilitating the rooting process, we have added a slow-release nitrogen fraction: the aim is to gradually guarantee nutritional support to the young seedling that will be born, combining in a single distributive step rooting thrust and growth future vegetative.

The contributions in potassium and ammoniacal nitrogen ensure a unique fertiliser balance, extending its effectiveness and range of use also to overseeding on mature lawns, allowing them to overcome the physiological stress generated by the same mechanical operations, sometimes invasive and in any case conditioning (think of the cuts of the rind or the cleaning of the mantle which are normally subjected in parallel).

An eclectic fertiliser, specially designed for each type of arable land, from hydroseeding to overseeding with disc machines, from spreading to underground rows.

30gr/mq 60 days From February to November

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